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Parabolic Equation


PE modeling of forward and reciprocal (phase-conjugated) sound propagation in a shallow
water environment at 800 Hz. (Generated by MMPE, 1999)

FOR3D zip file: 3D and 2D PE model (this version is from L. Henderson, HLS with minor fixes) (Feb. 14, 2015)

MMPE zip file: Monterey-Miami PE model and intro file. (K.B. Smith/U.S. Naval Postgraduate School and F. Tappert/Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Sciences)
Updated 2006 to correct for treatment of attenuation and add calculations of the particle velocity field

Zip file for RAM, RAMS, RAMGeo, RAMSurf file and manual: (M. Collins, NRL) (1999)

  • RAMS: acousto-elastic bottom
  • RAMGeo: multiple sediment layers
  • RAM: acoustic problems
  • RAMSurf: variable surface height

RAMSurf zip file: RAMSurf recoded in C and vectorized for speed (Thomas Folegot, Quiet-Oceans); also on github repository (2013)

MPIRAM: A parallel version of RAM that uses either OPENMP or MPI for parallelization. (fortran 90) (B. Dushaw, Applied Physics Laboratory, U. Washington)) (2015)

MATLAB RAM: A Matlab version of RAM by Matt Dzieciuch with notes by (B. Dushaw, Applied Physics Laboratory, U. Washington)) (2015)

UMPE zip file: University of Miami PE model and User's Guide (the guide is also an excellent introduction to the PE approach) (K. Smith and F. Tappert) (1998)

ACOUSTIC: A wide-angle mode parabolic equation (that can be used for 3D problems) Developed by A. Tyshchenko, P. Petrov and O. Zaikin
Also with Matlab version with examples from Reference
(Pavel Petrov, Russian Academy of Sciences, 2020)

SMPE: Two spectral methods for solving the range-independent parabolic equation model in ocean acoustics.
Published in Acoustics Australia and Journal of Theoretical Computational Acoustics.
(Houwang Tu, National University of Defense Technology, Changsha, China) (2021)

PECan [manuscript only]: PE Canadian style!  Finite-element based algorithm (G. Brooke, DREA) (2000)

Python implementation of RAM with Youtube demo
install with (python - recommended) pip install pyram or (anaconda) conda install -c marcuskd pyram
(Marcus Donnelly, SEA, UK) (2020)

Legacy Routines (may need work to run)

FOR3D zip file: 3D and 2D PE model (D. Lee et al./NUWC) (1996 for VAX) [note: some routines connected with plotting are not included.]

PDPE zip file: Pseudo-differential PE in fortran (K.V. Avilov/Research Center "Module", Russia) (1998)