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Acoustics Toolbox

The Acoustics ToolBox includes four acoustic models:
Please note that there is an incompatability with recent MacOS Monterey and the gfortran compiler. Apple is working on a fix, but there is a workaround here. 12/02/2021

  1. BELLHOP: A beam/ray trace code (Bellhop users guide)
  2. KRAKEN: A normal mode code (Kraken users guide)
  3. SCOOTER: A finite element FFP code
  4. SPARC: A time domain FFP code

In addition, AT contains BOUNCE, which computes the reflection coefficient for a layered medium and may be used to provide input to BELLHOP. A common input structure has been used throughout so that only minor modifications are needed to switch from one program to another. All the models produce `shade' files that can be processed using a common set of plotting routines to plot transmission loss vs. range or vs. range and depth.

Acoustics Toolbox: Latest version of AT with broadband version of SCOOTER, and additional noise modeling tools and examples.

Acoustics Toolbox online: Complete user's guide with technical descriptions of the mathematical and numerical basis of the model.

Errata (2021) and Problem Sets for Computational Ocean Acoustics (Jensen, Kuperman, Porter, and Schmidt).

AcTUP and Guide: A MATLAB menu driven user interface to 2005 release of the Acoustic Toolbox, with versions of the Range dependent Acoustic Model (RAMSGeo, RAMGeo).

Kraken for Python (zip file): Python interface to Kraken and Bellhop. (Orlando Camargo Rodriguez )

AcousticPy : Zip file that contains test cases in python for the Acoustic Toolbox and provides components to read and plot various files.(Orlando Camargo Rodriguez )

PyAT : A fairly developed Python interface to the acoustics toolbox, essentially translated from the Matlab interface to Python with added code to facilitate the use.
(Hunter Akins, UCSD)

User Contributed AT Examples