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Experiments & Data

We offer this page as a place to archive data and metadata from acoustic experiments.
Contact OALIB to include your data.

Understanding the bathymetry and ocean bottom properties are essential for performing accurate propagation modeling.
The NOAA Center for Environmental Information is a good place to get some of this information.

Heard Island Feasiblity Test (HIFT) (10/2018)

This test was part of a large, international collaboration with many contributors. A partial list is:
K. Metzger, W. Munk, R. Spindel, A. Baggeroer, T. Birdsall,  G. Heard, N. Chapman, P. Mikhalevsky, A. Forbes, M. Dzieciuch, D. Palmer, T. Georges, I. Fraser, S. Burenkov, G. Brundrit, L. Krige
Compressed zip file.
Directory with data extracted from the tgz file.

WHOI-Keck 3D Acoustic Telescope (updated 8/2022)

Acoustic Telescope real-time compressed data examples
Please contact YT Lin for software to read the files.


Bokodapviewer for accessing environmental data from servers.
(YouTube demo)
(Marcus Donnelly, SEA Ltd., UK)