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Sound & Marine Mammals


Effects of Sound on the Marine Environment (ESME)
ESME is an ONR Research Program focused on producing a model of animal response to the sound fields produced by human activities.

3MB (Marine Mammal Motion and Behavior) Software Package
( Dorian Houser , National Marine Mammal Foundation, San Diego, USA)

Southern California Bight Model Site


Noise and the Effects on Marine Mammals, a very useful acoustics handbook from JASCO Applied Sciences.


Watkins Marine Mammal Sound Database
"Whale Songs"

Recording of humpback whales
(Scott Murray, Center for Neuroscience, UC Davis, Davis CA, USA)

Summary of software available for handling acoustic data (spectrograms, mixers, etc.)

Related marine mammal sites

(focusing on the acoustics or facts about whale species and primarily non-commercial)