Errata for 2nd Edition of
Computational Ocean Acoustics
by Jensen, Kuperman, Porter, and Schmidt

page 47, Eq. 1.69
The phase factor in the numerator should be exp( i * phi_2 ), which is logical since transmission is associated with a single passage through the layer, whereas reflection has a double passage and hence phase factor exp( 2 * i * phi_2 ). (The formula was correct in the first edition …)

Figure 2.12
Shows |R|^2 not |R|. This problem might occur in some of the other plots. Fig. 2.10 has the same issue.

Figure 2.31
The caption says the plot is for an ideal waveguide. It is actually for a Pekeris waveguide with a bottom speed of 1800 m/s, bottom loss of .1 dB/wavelength, and density of 1.8 g/cm^3

Eq. 2.145
The 4 in the denominator should be a 2. This expression gives the Green's function for a point source in an ideal waveguide.

Figure 3.8
The figure title indicates the TL was done at a frequency of 50 Hz. The correct frequency is 600 Hz.

Chapter 5

The reference to the Evans coupled mode algorithm is for  two homogeneous layers. This paper lays out the basic process; however, a more complete reference, that includes a depth-dependent sound speed is:

    R. B. Evans and K. E. Gilbert, "Acoustic propagation in a refracting ocean waveguide with an irregular interface,"
    Comp. Maths. Appl., Vol. 11, No. 7/8, 795-805 (1985).

Another useful reference is

    J. A. Fawcett, "Coupled-mode modeling of acoustic scattering from three-dimensional axisymmetric objects,"
    J. Acoust. Soc. Am., Vol. 102, 3387-3393 (1997)].

Eq. (8.29)

The numerator of the integrand should be S( \tau ), not S( t )

Eq. (8.53)
Should have dz^2 on the left not dz
The derivative should be a partial derivative.

Eq. (8.54)
is missing ‘i’ in e^( i k v t )

Eqs. 8.73, 8.76, 8.80, and Eq.8.84
Should be approx. equal sign in the first line of equation