Normal Modes

KRAKEN normal mode program

Python Codes

Matlab Codes

    Matlab KRAKEN: A version of KRAKEN with a MEX wrapper so that it can easily be called from Matlab
    (B. Dushaw APL , Univ. of Washington )

    Krak_mat: A Matlab version of KRAKEN (readme)

    aw: A Matlab code for computing normal modes based on Chebyshev approximations
    (M. Dzieciuch/Scripps Institution of Oceanography)

    NMPQ : Matlab code that uses the P-Q description of the bottom reflection coefficient; these represents slopes of the magnitude and phase of the reflection coefficient. (readme)
    (E. C. Shang and Z. D. Zhao, Institute of Acoustics, Chinese Academy of Science )

    Numerov Mode Code: A Matlab demo code using the Numerov finite-difference scheme.
    (B. Dushaw, Applied Physics Laboratory, U. Washington)

    rimLG: A Legendre-Galerkin code for calculating normal-modes in Matlab (readme)
    (R. Evans)

    NM-CT: A Chebyshev-Tau spectral method for normal modes of underwater sound propagation with a layered marine environment in Matlab and fortran (Reference)
    (Houwang Tu, National University of Defense Technology Changsha, P.R.China)

Legacy Routines (may need work to run)

    MOATL MOdal Acoustic Transmission Loss program in fortran ( readme)
    (F. Ingenito, S. Wolf, J. Miller/Naval Research Laboratory)

    NLayer: Pedersen-Gordon underwater sound propagation-loss program in fortran and Report
    (Org. Naval Ocean Systems Center; PC version M. Hall/Defence Science and Technology Organization, Australia )

    Couple: a coupled normal-mode code (fortran with report)
    (R. Evans)

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