Reflectivity PRESSure, RPRESS


  * package for seismo-acoustic wave-fields in range-independent fluid-solid media.

  * techniques: wavenumber integration, normal modes, combinations of the two.


General information file:


The RPRESS package contains five programs: 


  1) rpress      for computation of the pressure field in a fluid region in a fluid-solid medium 

primarily by wavenumber integration, information file: rpress.txt

  2) rpressfw   for computation of the full wave-field in a fluid-solid medium

primarily by wavenumber integration, information file: rpressfw.txt

  3) rmodfaut  for computation of the modal wavenumbers and group velocities

using a winding-number integral method, information file: rmodfaut.txt

  4) rmodpfw  for computation of mode shapes as functions of depth including appropriate

normalization or excitation factors, information file: rmodpfw.txt

  5) rmodfgr    for computation of a dispersion curve, the modal wavenumber of a particular

mode is tracked as a function of frequency, information file: rmodfgr.txt.


Although rpress and rpressfw were originally developed for wavenumber integration, the field

can be computed as a flexible mixture of wavenumber-integral and normal-mode contributions. 


Basically, the compound-matrix method is used to solve boundary-value problems in

the vertical direction for fixed horizontal wavenumbers. 

Adaptive numerical techniques with error control are used to do wavenumber integration

and search for modal wavenumbers. 


Accuracy and error control are given high priority, and efficiency has been pursued

with this constraint in mind.