Experiments and Data
(This page under development--- it will be used to archive data and metadata from acoustic experiments.)

Heard Island Feasiblity Test (HIFT) (October 2018)

This test was part of a large, international collaboration with many contributors. A partial list is:
K. Metzger, W. Munk, R. Spindel, A. Baggeroer, T. Birdsall,  G. Heard, N. Chapman, P. Mikhalevsky, A. Forbes, M. Dzieciuch, D. Palmer, T. Georges, I. Fraser, S. Burenkov, G. Brundrit, L. Krige

Bokodapviewer for accessing environmental data from servers. (YouTube demo)
(Marcus Donnelly, SEA Ltd., UK)

WHOI-Keck 3D Acoustic Telescope real-time data (Jul 15, 2021)